We are builders, not investors

Our primary focus is on building proven, transaction-based business models in the fields of e-commerce and Software as a Service.

By using our own resources and highly standardized and optimized processes, we quickly build companies for these business models, in which we own a majority stake in most cases.

In addition to capital, Investion provides a full range of resources to infuse start-ups with the support they need to rapidly launch, grow and ultimately achieve a leading position in their respective markets.

Our ventures need experts, not generalists

We have an in-house online marketing team, which provides high-level operational know-how and experience in key areas for success.

The expertise of this team is divided into expert divisions for product & business development, e-mail, IT development, conversion design, content, online marketing, data analysis, SEA and SEO.

E-Commerce – Transactional Businesses

The economy is digitizing and the popularity of e-commerce continues to rise. Our goal is to invest in this field given its bright long term prospects, so we support entrepreneurs in developing and accelerating models for transactional businesses in online fields. We bring in customized operational excellence in performance marketing and business intelligence, fitted to each venture.


We have a wide experience with standardized software, tooling and dash boarding that provides real time management information. We can also perform – if needed – supporting activities such as, online payments, conversion design, and e-mail and online marketing. In addition, we have extensive knowledge of common e- commerce platforms and on top of that a large network helps to provide customized advice in different layers.

We have also taken several ventures (for instance Ace&Tate, GetLoud) in a specific direction in the sphere of E-commerce: brandtech. In which a large and valuable segment with poor products or unsustainably high margins is targeted, and after that a great product and brand is delivered, typically with the leadership of an entrepreneur who is authentic to the space. We see brandtech as an area of opportunity in the e-commerce, for which we possess the specific knowledge necessary to achieve success.

Software as a Service – Web-based
Software Solutions

Software as a Service provides companies access to software without having to invest heavily in IT. It is a trend in the online world and continues to grow at a fast pace, and its structure allows for quick time-to-market.


Investion looks to invest in start ups that offer SaaS to clearly defined specialized markets as well as start ups that use SaaS to service a large consumer base, for example demonstrated by Investion portfolio companies Umbrella or eFaqt. Investion uses its knowledge to help SaaS companies in several fields such as Product development, Online Marketing and Organizational Strategy.

Who do we invest in?

Strong companies are built by strong entrepreneurs

We want to turn unique ideas into successful ventures. Our search for those ideas – and also for passion, commitment, domain knowledge and intelligence – never stops. Once found, our team of experts together with the entrepreneurs ensure an excellent execution, which ultimately leads to a lasting success in a number one position in the market. In doing so, we are convinced that start ups (in early phases) do not only benefit from capital, but also from expertise and experience in key areas. We invest in and share our resources with start ups at Seed and Series A stage, as well as in our own projects that we start from scratch.

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