We identify and build proven Internet ventures.

Investion is an early stage 15 million Euro Venture Company investing in entrepreneurs in the fields of e-commerce & software as a service. It is our aim to scale our ventures into market leader ventures. A team of experts is there to help them build great ventures.

Our venture highlights
European Infrastructure

Investion is the largest, most successful venture developer in the Netherlands

Founded in 2010 by 3 entrepreneurs.

In 2013 the portfolio companies realized a 50 mio Euro + revenue with an EBITDA of approximately 3 mio Euro and a substantial value growth.

This is Venture Development+

Accelerating growth with a partnership model

This is how we work

We use a 5-step approach in developing our ventures. Every phase has his own dynamics and time slot. There are clear targets to be reached before entering the next phase.

Developing ventures is an art, which needs clear focus in execution. 

A healthy soil for sustainable growth


A healthy soil
for sustainable growth

We define two groups of ventures; together they give us stability, potential and exit opportunities.

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